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Are You Living Your Life by Default?

Are Ready to Live Your Life On Purpose Instead?

You want to feel peace. Feel abundant. Feel happy and healthy. Feel On Purpose and live joyfully!

But… you feel you are living life by default - It feels like you're living someone else's life.

You might feel frustrated. Broke. Alone. Angry. Confused. Or just plain tired... Not sleeping well during the night, and worrying during the day can suck life out of your soul.

You may find you're not making the money you want. Or you're not in the relationship you want. Or you're not experiencing your best health. 

Like in the movie Groundhog Day, it feels like you’re repeating the same thing every day, with no change, regardless of your efforts. The same patterns over and over.  

Choosing to live your life On Purpose will release the limiting 'stories' and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and unfulfilled, and allow you live the life of your choosing - filled with intimate love, an abundance of cash flow, and vibrant energy in your best health.

Discover 7 Simple Success Habits to Living Your Most Fulfilling Life On Purpose





Are you in the right career? Are you meant to be an entrepreneur? Is your soul calling on you to travel more or to write more? Were you born to be a mother?

Discover your soul’s calling by discovering your Sacred Gifts. Discover what you were meant to do on this earth and what you were not meant to do.

In as little as four weeks, I’ll help you discover your soul’s calling and help you create your path to living the life you choose.

Sacred Gifts™ are unexplained abilities that we have, from birth to death, that allow us to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well.

What if you could create a life where you knew without a doubt, that you were on the right path and you were making a difference?

You’re only one step away from that life.

Are you ready to discover your Sacred Gifts™ ?

I am Certified Guide and I have been trained by Sacred Gifts Program Creator Monique MacDonald to lead you through this program. Start with me today and discover how you can live your life Feeling On Purpose. 


Select Your Path of Discovery…


ONE ON ONE - Introduction to Discovering Your Sacred Gifts


ONE ON ONE - Deep Dive into Discovering Your Sacred Gifts


GROUP - Deep Dive into Discovering Your Sacred Gifts



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I’m here to help you get the hell out of your own way - to see your blind spots - to help you finally release the limiting beliefs and old ‘stories’ that are impeding your heart from thriving, sucking the life out of your soul and draining the money out of your bank account.

I will help you transform your confusion and chaos into clarity by combining my holistic teachings including nutrition, energy, movement, mindset and lifestyle, so you can live the life of your choosing where you FEEL On Purpose every day!

Let’s unlearn your current patterns of behaviour that are getting in the way of you living the life of your choosing, and create a life of living On Purpose.

By enhancing your path to healthy mindflow, healthy eating, and healthy energy, I want to help you

  • Feel on purpose and fulfilled with your health, your wealth and your relationships

  • Feel confident to move forward in your life on the path YOU choose

  • Feel inner peace in knowing your gifts and living your life feeling On Purpose

Contact me today to schedule your discovery call

I am at your service. I bring all my gifts to the table in order that you discover yours.