The Experience I have had in the last few days has been indescribable. The vulnerability, openness, trust, energy and connection is so powerful. It’s a completely judgement free space, I feel so comfortable, safe and able to be.

I’ve experienced such a change and transition. It has changed me forever. I finally feel I have so much love and gratitude for ME. Thank you.
— Cassie McBride, Calgary, AB
I came in to support my wife, and was slightly skeptical when we started. After the first day, my skepticism was replaced by a desire to learn more and travel deeper. I physically experienced how powerful this can be, and I believe.
— Rob O'Neil, Didsbury, AB
From the moment I walked in the door, I felt surrounded by love, trust and excitement. These feelings only grew stronger throughout the next two days.

I made friendships on a level I’d never felt before and learned to gain trust in myself. Through tears, laughter, confusion and acceptance I can truly say this was a life altering experience that will remain with me wherever I go. I learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined.
— Ashley Ewing, Calgary, AB
The connection within me has deepened. The energy is palpable. The connection to the beautiful spirits that I shared this experience with, I take with me in my memory and my soul.
— Susan Kenney, Barrie, ON
In the past, being open with others has been difficult for me.

This weekend I found myself accepting and gaining confidence in this gift. I definitely learned a lot and it was a magical weekend.
— Monica Colliins, Calgary, AB
This weekend solidified my mission in life. I have found myself and can now help others in the same way.
— Madi Hammill, Calgary, AB
This weekend was so much more amazing than I expected it to be.

I’m leaving with confidence in myself. Thank you. You have given me a life long gift.
— Lauren Wise, Calgary, AB
Magical Weekend! This was a fully heart led and heart felt event. I learned many tools in the healing arena, and loved the integration of each.

The wonderful leaders both taught and shared with such insight and knowledge. They are walking angels.

Thank you, with Love
— Krista Johnson, St. Albert, AB
I came to the retreat as a support for my sister. I didn’t think that I’d be walking away feeling as open and free!

The entire Retreat is a beautiful self discovery, with a huge support system. I feel like I am walking away as a better self. I will forever be grateful for this weekend.
— Jennifer Heisler, Moose Jaw, SK
I came into this weekend ready to learn new skills and I am leaving not only with a whole new outlook on life; also how I am going to move forward in life.

Led by a fantastic team who worked to make the event so much fun!
— Dillon Popkes, Calgary, AB
Truly a ‘healing’ event. I feel stronger, lighter and more empowered.

There are many things in life we cannot explain. This event is one of them, and one of the best experiences of my life.
— Carrie McIntyre, Calgary, AB
This is not just a healing experience, but life changing.

I no longer live in the past, or the future. Just the ‘now’.
— Shawna Silzer, Moose Jaw, SK
Hard to put my experience into words.
Life changing.
Eye opening.

So much of the stress I was holding onto has melted away.

My soul feels at ease.
— Jenna Handel, Calgary, AB
One of the best experiences of my life. I felt things I cannot explain, and I truly feel a sense of hope, amazement and harmony leaving here. I am forever changed and have a new approach to life.
— Kylee Maroney, Sylvan Lake, AB
This retreat has been a true gift. I was able to search and heal myself and allow for incredible personal growth.
— Amanda Morley, Canmore, AB
I opened myself up and I am walking away a different person. I’m walking away as ME. I am starting a new chapter in my life - the first chapter of ME. Light and LOVE.
— Shenny Grimard, Calgary, AB
I have taken big steps to a new spiritual enlightenment and know that I am on the right path for me!
— Jill Erridge, Newcastle, ON
I experienced more than I could even imagine! Every breath brought awareness. I am opening my spirit and finding ME.
— Jenn Scott, Calgary, AB