No Refunds are available once payment has been made. 

The full session fee will still apply if you do not arrive for your appointment (in person or online) and do not call to cancel (48) hours in advance. If you are more than (15) minutes late for your appointment, it will be considered a no show and the full session fee will still apply. If you arrive late for a session, it will not be extended and will finish at the scheduled time. In the event of sudden Coach illness the session may be rescheduled. If your Coach is more than (15) minutes late for a scheduled appointment, it will not be extended and will finished at the scheduled time. You will then receive one session free.

You may transfer your paid session(s) to a person of your choosing, by notifying Andrea Thatcher in writing and paying a $100 transfer fee. Andrea Thatcher is not responsible and will not be involved in third party transactions.

All sessions are subject to an expiry date of one year from the date of purchase. Any sessions remaining after the expiration date will not be provided and no refund will be issued to you.

If you become ill or injured and have been advised by a physician to temporarily discontinue sessions, any remaining sessions will be held for a period of up to (12) months from notification of injury or illness. You must complete a Medical Freeze Activation Form and provide a physician’s certificate. Payment will continue as scheduled. A physician’s release is necessary for you to return to your sessions.



Please read carefully the following terms and conditions relating to your participation in Workshops and Events with 6935214 Canada Inc. O/A Andrea Thatcher. If you have any objections to the following Terms and Conditions, you should not make the purchase.

Buyer Conduct

All buyers are to be respectful and professional to our team, location, hosts, speakers and other buyers and attendees throughout the program at all times. Andrea Thatcher reserves the right to remove the buyers from any event immediately should they be deemed rude, uncooperative, or unprofessional in any way. In such cases, the buyer’s tuition/fees for the event will not be reimbursed under any circumstances, and they will not receive any of our advertised bonuses or qualify for our satisfaction guarantee or any other written or implied guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All paid workshops and events are backed by our money back guarantee. Should you attend a workshop or event and receive absolutely no value, you must tell us at the end of the workshop or event you are attending and prior to exiting the workshop or event room on the day, for a full refund of money paid for that event. All notes and event materials pertaining to that event need to be returned as well before exiting the room at the end of the workshop or event. Once you leave the room the guarantee is void. There are no refunds for events that you have not FULLY attended.


  • There are no refunds after 10 days of registering and paying in full or part for the event.

  • With a minimum of 30 days’ notice you may transfer to the next available event at no cost.

  • Cancellation or postponement of an event that you are registered for less than 30 days prior to the event will require a $100 (plus taxes) rebooking or transfer fee. Once fee is paid you will be booked into the next available event. If you cannot make that event, or you no-show, you will forfeit that event and all monies related to it.

  • Should you no-show an event you have registered for and paid for, you forfeit your registrations and will not be transferred to another date nor will any refund be issued under any circumstances.

  • All events must be attended within 12 months of registration or all money is forfeited.

  • Events that you are registered for cannot be transferred to 3rd parties.

  • A $25 NSF fee plus taxes will be charged per failed attempt for all credit card payments.

  • Andrea's dog Mishka, is onsite at most events. When you register for any workshop you are accepting that there is a dog onsite and assume all responsibilities for yourself around this dog.

  • All participants must sign an event waiver, filming release and disclaimer of liability at registration. All forms must be completed in order to attend the event/workshop.

Andrea Thatcher reserves the right to increase event size, change event dates, change event venues, change event frequency or substitute trainers for any event without prior notification.

All packages are for the tuition costs only. Food, accommodation and travel are not included.



Questions or Comments?

Please contact:

Andrea Thatcher

GST# 815494356