Come on, Diets simply don't work!

I'd like to give you permission to give up.  I don't mean give up on you, I mean give up on doing the same thing over and over with the same miserable results.  The reason dieting feels so miserable is because somewhere deep inside, your brilliant intuitive mind knows that this diet, just like the last one, is not only going to feel miserable while you're on it, ultimately you're going to end up right back where you started.

Diets just don't work!  You already know this.  The reason we stick with this insanity - and it is insanity, right?  Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results…

The reason we stick with this insanity is because we feel like there's no alternative to forbidding ourselves from eating what we love - because it's 'evil'.   (Hmmm, how did we evolve to love what is evil?  That doesn't seem right.)  Then we force ourselves to eat some god-awful concoction we choke down like medicine (because for something to be good for us it has to be tasteless like cardboard or near toxic like Brussel sprouts).

And on top of hating what we're trying to jam into our face while our taste buds revolt we punish our bodies with activities that have it screaming in resistance to just the IDEA of attempting.  All this while facing the chorus of voices in our head from our worst critic - OURSELVES - about how imperfect we are, have always been and will always be.

So again - can I give you permission to give up on what hasn't worked, what isn't working and what will never work because it's so miserable, the thing that's literally been tried by women and men more than A BILLION times and failed, but that we keep coming back to and hoping for different results?

 If diets worked, we wouldn't still be hearing about new diets!!!

I'd like to suggest something radical here - I'd like to suggest that you NEVER DIET AGAIN.  I'm serious.  Quit.  Stop.  Give it up and let me guide you to what your soul has always known - your body is not your enemy and your desires are not wrong.  It's the fight we get into ourselves with when we begin to believe the messages all around us that we're not enough, not good enough, not perfect enough and not desirable enough that sabotages the natural balance.

 Are you tired of dieting only to gain the weight back?

We are so desperate to lose weight that, as a society we spend over 40 billion dollars a year on diets and diet products. This is amazing as 95% of all dieters will re-gain their lost weight in 1 to 5 years.  The diet industry knows this.  And even if we assume that they have the best of intentions with their scales, exercises and calorie measuring devices, there is nothing in the process that measures the soul - and that's where the key to our happiness or lack of it originates from.

Our outside is always and only ever going to be a reflection of what is going on within.  I want to offer you a completely different way of approaching this - one that honors your soul, respects the things you desire and focuses on what you love.  I want to give you the permission to trust yourself, believe your intuition and allow yourself to love the things that make you happy instead of fighting against yourself and feeling like you're always at war with what you desire.

 What if you could eat the foods you love and still have the body and life you desire?

You're not going to spend the rest of your life avoiding the foods you love, are you?  What sane person would torture themselves like that?  A short-term stint at this is going to backfire, because the moment we stop or lose the momentum of the diet, we rebound by "cheating" and indulging even more than usual in what we've been denying ourselves.  This is the problem with diets - they don't work because just like our teenage brain rebelled against what we were told we couldn't do, our adult brain rebels at the idea that we can't make the decisions we want to for ourselves.

So the only real solution is to find a way to eat the foods we love and do the activities we enjoy in a combination that creates the result we're happy with.  The good news is, that is exactly how are bodies have evolved - it's the idea that we need to restrict ourselves that has our body fighting against us.

Our bodies have natural and perfectly designed mechanisms that tell us what we should be eating - including sugars, carbs and fats - and there are simple and intuitive ways to turn on and tune into these messages in a way that will get us the results we want.

 Here's the best news!!!

This is not complicated to do and it doesn't take years to master.  In fact, I've been sharing these secrets for two decades and have seen thousands of women and men tune into the natural way of engaging this part of intuition and become experts of their own DNA in just a couple of hours of understanding these principles.

Imagine how that would feel for you - to wake up one week from today after eating all the things you love and to stand in front of the mirror and see the real you beginning to emerge.  What would it be like to fall in love with your body knowing that it hasn't been a fight, that you've been treating yourself gently, with respect and approving of the choices you've been making rather than burying yourself under layers of guilt and shame?

What would it be like to live one week without regrets?  What would it be like to spend even a single day not either restricting yourself or punishing yourself for 'cheating' just because you treated yourself to something you love?  What about an entire life of feeling like you can make the choices you want to make without worrying about your own oppressive judgement and self-loathing?

The truth is already inside you.  It's always been inside you, you've just been lied to and misled by a world that doesn't want you to trust yourself.  You know that dieting doesn't work - so how about you begin to trust yourself and ignore the messages on every checkout stand that tell you they do?  How about you find a way to trust and love yourself in support with the real ways women and men love and look after their bodies?

I invite you to embrace the wisdom of your soul and allow me to give you the gift of never having to diet again.  

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