The Discover Your Sacred Gifts Program with Andrea is a Personal Awakening Program designed to help individuals discover the two parts that we are all made of - Our human-ness and our being-ness – and how to utilize this information to unlock your potential to create the life of your choosing.

Our human-ness is identified as our Personality – how we think and how we act each day. (There are 4 main categories)

Our being-ness is identified as the Gifts we have - what we born to do – the unexplained abilities that we have from birth to death that allow us to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well.  (There are 24 Gifts - you were born with at least one, and based on my experience, you have at least 3)

Your gifts determine what you born to do

Your personality determines how you will do it

When combined, it becomes very apparent what you were meant to do, and how you are meant to do it.

Why does this matter?

Your gifts and personality are what makes you unique. No one has the exact same personality strengths and the exact same gifts. Your unique combination is what makes you individually magical.

Developing who you are with what you were born to do will help you create and build the life and business you’re meant for in a way that is deeply meaningful to you.

And you’ll be creating the life of your choosing by being your unique, authentic, and magical self.


Once you discover what your Sacred Gifts are, you will no longer feel that you have to say YES when you really mean NO - which means that you will: 

  • Be happier

  • Have clarity about what you really want

  • Confidently know which direction to take in your life

  • Feel a sense of peace

  • Stop feeling guilty about NOT doing things that make you unhappy

  • Release judgement about yourself and others so you can have more fulfilling relationships

  • Understand yourself on a soul level

  • Easily release unrealistic expectations

  • Feel more balanced and On Purpose

  • Feel more connected to your work

  • Discover how to use your gifts as a compass for decision making in terms of your career and personal life

  • Sleep better because you know what you are doing matters, it has meaning for you and you get paid to do what you love


In the words of Sacred Gifts™ Creator Monique MacDonald...

"What if you could create a life where you knew, without a doubt, that you were on the right path and making a difference?  

You’re only one step away from that life.  

Every person on the planet has had moments of feeling lost, unfulfilled, stuck or trapped in a situation at work, in a relationship, or in life in general – that’s NORMAL and that’s part of our human experience. But if you feel that way more often than not, then discovering and living in alignment with your Sacred Gifts™ can set you free.  

  Sacred Gifts™ are unexplained abilities that we have, from birth to death, that allow us to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well. And by knowing your gifts and how to use them in your life, you will feel more energized, more fulfilled, and more powerful… because you’ll know that you are making a difference that matters.  

Stop trying to FIND your purpose, and start FEELING on purpose instead.  


Each Sacred Gifts Discovery Program Includes:

  • Live and interactive online call(s) with Sacred Gifts Guide Andrea Thatcher

  • Signs of Sacred Gifts - Discover the characteristics and signs to look for in your life

  • A comprehensive Assessment - This assessment will help you discern what your gifts are and more importantly what gifts you do not have

  • The Feel On Purpose Formula - Discover the Feel On Purpose Formula to help you identify how you can feel on purpose in your life every day

  • Descriptions of your Gifts - Deep dive options also include complete print and audio files that you can download, review and listen to as often as you choose

  • Workbook - all exercises and worksheets are included in the Deep Dive options

  • Activating and Using your Gifts - Discover your path to utilizing your gifts, feeling on purpose and benefiting others in a way that is deeply meaningful to you

  • Access to our Community Facebook Group - Continue your journey with the support and encouragement of like minded people, all living in their gifts

  • Open Q & A - Share your challenges. Share your frustrations. Share your confusion. I'm happy to help you find clarity and solutions.


When: Your One on One Session with your Certified Guide is offered when your schedule allows 

Where: Online via Zoom (I'll provide you with the link)  

How: Click on One on One Introduction to register. I'll email you documents to complete and send back to me. Upon receiving the documents, I'll contact you to schedule our 45-60 minute Gifts Revealed Session.

Investment: Only $249 (now on sale for $125!) for discovering your Sacred Gifts and your Live and interactive online one on one session


When: One on One Sessions with your Certified Guide are offered when your schedule allows  

Where: Online via Zoom (I'll provide you with the link)  

How: Click on One on One Deep Dive to register. I'll contact you to set our dates, and all details will be sent to you in an email. In between sessions, you’ll have some coursework to do. Expect an average of 2-3 hours of learning time in between our scheduled sessions.  

Investment: Only $549 (Now on sale for $275!) for 4 LIVE and interactive online 60-minute one on on sessions, and all program materials 


Who: Gather a group of at least 3 of your friends, family or co-workers and take the Sacred Gifts Program together! (Group program is for groups of 3-8 people together)

When: Once your group has registered, we will schedule our 4 LIVE and interactive online 60 minute group sessions when everyone’s schedule allows

Where: Online via Zoom (I'll provide you with the link)  

How: Click on Group Deep Dive and register the number of people in your group (minimum 3 to a maximum of 8). Once you register, all details will be sent to each group member in an email. In between sessions, each person will have some coursework to do. Expect an average of 2-3 hours of learning time in between our live group sessions.  

Investment: Only $249 per person (now on sale for $125 per person!) for 4 LIVE and interactive online group sessions, and all program materials 


Don’t spend another day being tired and frustrated. Don’t spend another minute arguing with your friends and family because you just aren’t happy. Don’t spend another second sitting at home alone because you can’t find the motivation to go out and enjoy your life! 

Most assessment tools focus on personalities, abilities and skills. Though these are important aspects of self-discovery, they are superficial compared to our program which focuses attention on your superhuman abilities or unique gifts that are often unseen, overlooked and underutilized. They reside in your soul and many people check their soul at the door when they go to work. Does your job show the world who you truly are?  

You have the answer right here and now. Find out what your gifts are and start using them in your life. You never know how long your life will be. Don’t waste another minute of it.  

Remember: the answers to the really big questions in life can't all be found on Google...

Knowing what your gifts are can lead you to feeling confident, seeing with clarity, feeling more acceptance, experiencing more energy and living every day with inner peace  



“I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course with Andrea. Learning my gifts helped to answer questions I had been struggling with in my own life, confirmed what my intuition had been trying to make me take notice of and it re-ignited my creativity.

Everything that I had been pondering over and over in my head were answered by going through my 6 gifts! Finding out my gifts helped me focus on, and embrace, my strengths, and gave me the courage to be who I am and move forward with confidence. " - Shelby Douglas, BC, Canada


“Andrea brings a level of listening, patience, understanding and enthusiasm like no other. Each time I connect with Andrea I get more on purpose, passionate and driven. I highly recommend Andrea as your coach. Your life will be better for it!” - Jennifer Alexander, AB, Canada


"Well I am beyond words impressed with my sacred gifts experience and very grateful I had the privilege to engage in this work with Andrea. I was not sure what to expect and now I am left with a clear understanding why life feels so on purpose lately and I feel so aligned. I am truly left enlivened and fulfilled and want to express my gratitude in full for having the opportunity to engage in this work. I would personally recommend this to any and everyone I know as it is so well put together and also very fun and interesting " - Kurt Widdershoven, World Traveler


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Releasing the guilt that I felt because I don’t have these huge visions that others have, or the ability to write beautifully, or play music is so peaceful. I now know why I feel on purpose when I am in my gifts, and I have released the judgement on those who do not have the gift of service (that I have). I admire them for their individual gifts instead." - Rhonda Eimer, AB, Canada


“I have a sense of ease knowing how I can best serve my community by unashamedly expressing my gifts and encouraging others to be their best through their gifts - and together we synergistically create a movement beyond our individual reach.  

The Sacred Gifts program was a beautiful, heart-warming experience - masterfully orchestrated by Andrea.  

Monique MacDonald's audios and materials are simple and engaging, making this a pleasurable personal development activity.” ~Barbara Lynn Rempel, AB, Canada


"For me, the Sacred Gifts course was a perfect balance of content and duration. I love that I got to dive deep into myself in a short amount of time. The concepts and material is pretty incredible. Now I am truly focused on living on purpose. 

Andrea is a master at keeping everyone one track, and introducing challenging questions. It’s no secret that one of her sacred gifts is facilitation.

Human nature being what it is—my human nature—I know I would not have moved as thoroughly or timely through the curriculum without Andrea." - Marie Beswick-Arthur, Bucerias, Mexico


"Learning about Sacred Gifts was very enlightening!

 Understanding my gifts and gifts that I do not have really identifies what to hone in on, what truly brings me joy and how I can help others.

This is a discovery I recommend to anyone seeking more purpose and guidance on how to live more in their truth every day." - Becky Kievet, AB, Canada 


You already know you need a push – you feel like you’re going around in circles and you need to break out of your current patterns and paradigm – I want to help you.  

It’s not impossible and anyone can make the change with consistent effort and reliable support.  

And I can help you do that by helping YOU Discover Your Sacred Gifts™!  

Imagine feeling fulfilled in your work and career...  

Imagine having the confidence to step forward in your life...  

Imagine feeling a sense of inner peace, regardless of what’s going on in your life...  

Let's do this together...

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