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About Me…

I spent so many years doing the same thing over and over, secretly wanting a different life.

On the outside, it seemed like I had the perfect life - a great career, lots of money, many friends, a lovely home—I appeared comfortable…

In reality, deep inside my heart, I knew I was playing small. I knew I was capable of doing more, being more, and having more, but my life was comfortable, so I stayed and played repeat.

I woke each day and thought, ‘Is this it? Is this the rest of my life?’

I constantly thought about changing. I even talked about it. Then I did the same stuff over and over.

The shift came one day when I was in the shower. I decided to do more than just think about changing my life, I took action. I made a phone call and asked for help.

Damn. It wasn’t an easy journey.

After all, I had almost 50 years of being set in my ways, of guarding my heart, and I’d become an expert at filling each day with ‘distractions’ and always ensured I was ‘busy’.

My coach pointed out my blind spots, and helped me see my abilities. Together we set a course of action to move me to living the life I desired, by living on purpose.

I left my 25 year, 6 figure+ career so I could pursue my true passion and live my life on purpose.

The moment I truly understood the meaning of living ‘On Purpose’, life took a major turn and I found myself at the intersection of change and growth.

There was no looking back at the twenty-five years in the fitness training industry. My new path was clear: to provide connection points for people to understand ‘On Purpose’ living, and to allow my coaching to be expressed from the divine feminine.

To be ‘On Purpose’ and live ‘On Purpose’ is to thoroughly fulfill a calling by using one’s gifts in the now, carrying out—with diligence—a course of action that is undeniably meant to help others live through their ‘own’ gifts.

I leapt out of high-intensity fitness coaching exactly when I needed to.

I desire to ‘feel On Purpose’ by intuitively teaching, coaching, and helping others in an intensely meaningful way that goes much further than fitness.

Combining my holistic teachings including nutrition, energy, movement, mindset and lifestyle, I’m here to help you get the hell out of your own way - to see your blind spots - to help you finally release the limiting beliefs and old ‘stories’ that are impeding your heart from thriving, sucking the life out of your soul and draining the money out of your bank account.

I will help you transform your confusion and chaos into clarity by combining my holistic teachings including nutrition, energy, movement, mindset and lifestyle, so you can live the life of your choosing where you FEEL On Purpose every day!

I am at your service. I bring all my gifts to the table in order that you discover yours.

Andrea Thatcher
Discover Your Sacred Gifts Certified Guide
Holistic Nutritionist, C.H.N.C
Holistic Lifestyle Coach H.L.C.
Iyengar Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master Teacher

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Always working toward enhancing personal growth and supporting the growth of others.



Striving to celebrate all experiences with heartfelt gratitude for the gift of each experience.



Building trustful relationships by following through on commitments, being accountable, reliable, and dependable.



Providing a space of freedom to speak one’s truth openly without judgement.



Choosing to do what is right over what is ‘easy’—all the time



Being mindful of one another’s uniqueness and respecting all individuals for who and where they are.



Empowering individuals by providing ongoing support through teachings, love, and acceptance.

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My Vision

To become the foremost ‘Live On Purpose’ Coach, connecting people to their Sacred Gifts.

My Mission

To inspire fulfillment to those who seek more meaningful lives, by providing connection points, through facilitating soul-centred events, interactive workshops, and evolved coaching, so that people can understand and benefit from On Purpose living.

My Why

I know this because I’ve lived it:  we need to be released from our armour so that hearts are set free.

It’s time for an attitudinal shift. One that moves mountains. Because:

·     People are unhappily stuck—repeating the same unproductive behaviours.

·     People are burning out—spending too much time obsessing about everything vanity or material: six-packs and BMW’s, designer labels and overpriced anti-aging formulas.

·     People have self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

·     People are unfulfilled—keep playing small—which negatively impacts their every day.

The world is ready for people to open their hearts and live purposeful lives of gratitude.