Are you living your life by Default?

 I get it.

I spent so many years doing the same thing over and over again secretly wanting a different life.

On the outside, it seemed like I had the perfect life - a great career, lots of money, many friends, a lovely home - you know, I was comfortable…

In reality, deep inside my heart, I knew I was playing small. I knew I was capable of doing more, being more and having more. But - my life was comfortable, so I stayed doing the same thing over and over and secretly wanting a different life.

I woke each day and thought, ‘Is this it? Is this the rest of my life?”

I constantly thought about changing. I even talked about it. Then I repeated the same comfortable ‘default’ behaviours and ended up in the same comfortable, yet unfulfilling life.

The shift came one day when I was in the shower. I decided to do more than just think about changing my life, I took action. I made a phone call and I asked for help.

Damn. It wasn’t an easy journey.

After all, I had almost 50 years of being set in my ways, of guarding my heart, and I became an expert at filling each day with ‘distractions’ and always ensured I was ‘busy.’

My coach pointed out my blind spots, helped me see my abilities, and together we set a course of action to move me to living the life I desired, by living on purpose.

I left my 25 year, 6 figure + career so I could pursue my true passion and live my life on purpose.

I would love to help you live your life ‘On Purpose’.

I want to help you see the patterns of your behaviour, and the habits of your thinking that are getting in the way of you living the life you desire by living on purpose.

Let’s work together and get you OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!

Living on Purpose Coaching

Let’s walk this self discovery journey together. I promise I will hold space for you, without judgement, only love, as you take a look, a really close and intimate look, at where you are today and where you actually want to be.

This is a path of self acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and radical self care. I’ve got you.

I’m here for you as you explore all of your darkness, so you can see your light.

Together, we’ll explore your ‘inner self’ and create space for all your power, all your divinity and all your greatness to show up each and every day.

It will require diligence. And it will require work.

We will start where you are. After all, where else can we start?

Imagine a life of feeling fulfilled every day…

Imagine feeling so confident, that no one and nothing will stop you…

Imagine peace with self, peace with all your relationships, peace with food, peace with money…

Imagine feeling on purpose each and every day…

Here’s what we may discover together

Absolute radical self care


Saying ‘no’ with confidence and ease

Clarity on your career path

Commitment vs. Interest

Connection in your relationships

Daily Success habits

Dreams and Passions

Understanding your own masculine and feminine energies

Clearing mental and emotional blockages

Peace with self and food

Connecting with your soul self

Discovering your Sacred Gifts

Fitness planning for your lifestyle

Healing emotional wounds

Loving your body


Bring your challenge to our calls. Let’s do this!

How does it all work?

First, contact me for your complimentary discovery coaching call. Let’s ensure you’re ready to live on purpose and we are a good fit. After all, this commitment will require you to invest your time, your money, your courage and your heart. Let’s be sure we resonate and vibe together.

Then, when we decide it’s time for you to live on purpose, all your Private Living on Purpose Coaching Sessions are one hour in length and take place online via Zoom. I’ll send you a Zoom link and we’ll schedule all of our sessions ahead of time. All homework (own work) handouts will be sent via email.

Growth takes time and courage. Let’s commit to living on purpose together. Take the leap and step into your power-sphere today.


One Coaching Session

Feeling lost? You’ll be amazed at how spending one hour together can help you feel On Purpose.


12 Weeks Together

I’ll help you shift your mindset and your energy, so you feel more inspired, more fulfilled and totally On Purpose.


12 Months Together

Weekly Accountability and Growth Coaching. Imagine what you are capable of and the life you’ll be living one year from now.

Live On Purpose!