In One End And Out The Other: A Straightforward Guide to Everyday Nutrition


Andrea Thatcher, the fitness industry’s favourite natural nutrition coach, has committed her life to helping people just like you make simple and powerful healthy changes in fitness and nutrition to dramatically change your life for the better.

Using her innovative coaching techniques, developed over the last two decades, she shows you how to step by step make conscious and consistent changes in nutrition so you can live the healthiest life you desire.

You may have tried every diet out there and are now frustrated and you may even believe you can’t make changes as they are too hard. With Andrea’s approach to drastically improving your health and vitality with food, you just need to follow the successful strategies found in the pages of this book.

Andrea's Never Diet Again Course is a continuation of this book. This book, combined with her coaching program, has transformed the lives of individuals across the globe, creating peace with self and food. 


In ‘In One End and Out The Other’ you’ll discover...

  • The ONE food rule that changes everything

  • Simple shifts that make a MASSIVE difference to you and your body

  • Why eating ONLY the foods you love is the key to your success

  • The difference between looking healthy and being healthy

  • The hidden factors that have prevented you from being successful in the past

  • How to Never Diet Again

  • Everything you secretly want to know about Poop

  • The top 5 healthiest (and tastiest) foods on the planet – could one be chocolate?

  • The top 5 WORST foods you can ever consume

  • and much more...


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