Andrea Thatcher
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Discover Your Sacred Gifts

Sacred Gifts are unexplained abilities that we have, from birth to death, that allow us to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well. When you know and understand your gifts, you’ll have the clarity you need to make decisions and choices that align with the spirit of who you are.

That means, you’ll feel happier, more fulfilled, and more on purpose in your life.

At the same time, you’ll let go of the things that you may have thought you ‘should’ be doing, and let others with those gifts do those things instead (without guilt, shame or blame).

You’ll find ways to embrace the things in your life that you may have thought were impossible, because you’ll see them through a whole, new lens.

And you’ll walk away knowing, without a doubt, how gifted you are, and why you matter on this planet.

I’m currently completing my Sacred Gifts Guide Certification and look forward to working with you in March of 2019.

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