Practical Anatomy & Movement: A Guide for Personal Trainers


Andrea Thatcher has worked as a Personal Trainer since 1994 and has been teaching and certifying Personal Trainers since 2000. She developed Practical Anatomy and Movement — A Guide for Personal Trainers after years of teaching anatomy to thousands of new trainers.

This comprehensive, illustrated workbook provides a clear, and easy to understand approach to anatomy as it applies to Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals.

Each volume also contains a Study Guide Section to ensure maximum retention of Muscular Anatomy ensuring success in the practical application of Muscular Anatomy for every Personal Trainer.

In ‘Practical Anatomy and Movement’ you’ll discover...

  • An in-depth overview of anatomical terms

  • Detailed reference charts including joint actions and working muscles

  • Clear illustrations of commonly exercised muscles

  • A guide to the insertions and origins of major muscle groups

  • Exercise suggestions for single and multi-joint movements

  • A comprehensive stretching pictorial


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