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(Vu is a member of Andrea's team and leads certification exams, and events with Andrea and her team)



I thought I was inadequate...

The confident person that you see today is not the person that I have always been. I was 115 pounds when I graduated from high school and was extremely insecure about my body and my appearance. Due to external pressures from society and my peers I was led to believe that my size was inadequate. The gym was too intimidating because all of the guys there were bigger, stronger, and had more knowledge about exercise. But, I knew that I needed to make a change and, rather than let fear stop me, I set a goal to transform the way that I thought about myself and the way that I looked. I was determined to transform and evolve.

In the comfort and security of my mom’s basement, using a chin up bar, random household items, and resistance bands, I did various exercises that I had learned from books and the internet. As I developed comfort and knowledge, I also began making lifestyle and nutritional changes which helped me to become bigger, stronger, and more confident in myself.

My transformation helped me realize the power and importance of health and self-confidence and created a true desire to help others achieve their own health, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

I have now been involved in health and fitness for over a decade, most which has been spent learning, developing, and training myself. I am the owner and founder of the Calgary based health and fitness company VN Vigor. As a Personal Trainer for the past 5 years, I have helped many people reach their own health, fitness, and lifestyle goals by creating environments of support and by passing on the knowledge and experience that I have gained from my own journey.

Ultimately, it is my life’s passion to enable others to achieve health and self-confidence.

This is why I started VN Vigor. Our mission is to promote and enable healthy and confident lifestyles through our training programs that feature our flagship home fitness system, The Evolution.

Being healthy and fit is about so much more than how much you lift or how you look and, as a trainer and coach I will help you create your own definition of health and fitness to match your lifestyle. Let me join you on your journey as you evolve into the best version of you!

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