Andrea’s infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of the fitness industry has given me the confidence I have today. I wouldn’t have this confidence if not for Andrea, her courses and her programs.
— Chad Boucher, Personal Trainer, Alberta
I can not speak highly enough of Andrea, her courses and ultimately what she has helped me to accomplish in my career.
— Jenna Handel, Personal Trainer, Alberta -
My husband and I have run a successful business for many years. I wish I had taken Andrea’s programs years ago as working with her has taught me strategies that will save me thousands of dollars and years of trial and error. Not taking Andrea’s program will be the biggest error you can make for the success of your business.
— Lil Foster, Business Owner and Personal Trainer
I’ve been in the Fitness industry for decade and have taken several dozen courses, and can say from all my experiences that Andrea is the best of the best.

As you deepen your path in health and wellness, Andrea’s courses, books and coaching are definitely the next step for you.
— Eva Gustafsson, Personal Trainer, Alberta -
Andrea is simply an angel on earth, and I feel privileged to work with her. And believe me, I’m a hard ass on people, but she is the real deal. Humble, whip-smart, and compassionate.
— Roberta Moon, Thunder Development, California
When I met Andrea, I learned what it actually takes to be a personal trainer. One course with Andrea was a year’s worth of knowledge.
She moved me so much, I’m a different person today. She is one of the reasons why I’m better than ever, not only as a personal trainer, but as a man.
— Erick Soza, Personal Trainer, Alberta
Andrea enabled me to see my dreams transform into reality.
Attending Andrea’s programs certainly changed my life. I am the trainer, fitness manager, nutritionist and woman I am today because of Andrea.
— Challaine Emerson - Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Alberta