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(Sunny is a member of Andrea's team and leads certification courses, exams, and events with Andrea and her team)


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In my early childhood I was always the heaviest and shortest kid in school and as a result I was shy and didn't have any confidence in myself. I would get bullied every day. Teachers ignored my cries for help and because of this I never had anyone to talk to about my struggles; I felt unsafe everywhere I went. I was lost, alone and felt ashamed of my body. I was so scared of the physical and psychological abuse from my classmates that I regularly called in sick to school. That’s when food became my only friend. Eating was the only time I didn’t feel alone. Food comforted my emotional pain and made me forget about my physical and mental bruises from being pushed around by kids that would call me fat and stupid.

My home life was dreadful too. My family decided to migrate from India when I was young to seek better living but that turned out to be very overwhelming due to my father always being away from the country and my mother working all day to make ends meet. Living in a small basement and having no transportation really took a negative impact on my mind.

By the age of 12 I was severely depressed. By 15 I became an alcoholic and started doing heavy drugs to supress my emotional pain. My weight climbed up to almost 300 lbs by the time I was done high school. Those around me told me I was too ugly to get the girls I wanted and too fat to ever look like the models in magazines; they demotivated me whenever I attempted to improve myself, so I remained stuck and miserable.

It almost felt like that was the end of me.

That was the time when I decided to change my life. One night, while laying alone in extreme suffering, I had a revelation. I had to change my life or killing myself became the only option. Nobody believing in me became my motivator to prove these tormentors wrong. So, while under the influence of alcohol and heavy drugs I decided to go join the gym. My first day in the gym I was drunk and high - but at least I was there and change was happening. From that day forward my mindset began to change; I left my life of drinking and drugs behind me and shifted all my focus into becoming better every day.

Through my journey of transforming my own life, I have found my passion for Personal Fitness Training and helping others.

I consider my past struggles as a blessing in disguise. The devastation I went through mentally and emotionally allows me to help others overcome ANY obstacle. My mission in life is to share my experience and knowledge about the benefits of fitness around the world and help all individuals understand that fitness CAN make an overall transformation in all lives.

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