customized fitness business coaching designed by
andrea thatcher

BENEFITING fitness professionals who want to start and/or grow their specialization and target monthly revenues to $5,000-10,000


The greatest challenge for most fitness professionals is that they lack the systems to grow a strong client base. Being experts in fitness, not business, the majority do not arrive at the financial place they want to be. This leads to burnout and eventually giving up on their passion and dreams. 

If you want a more successful fitness business, commit to taking action with the Purpose and Profit Group. You will experience dramatic changes in yourself and your business - whether you work in a gym, work as a contractor in a studio or you have your own home based/travel fitness business - this group is your path to your best success! 




Andrea thrives on helping others. She has seen many dedicated and talented professionals pushed beyond exhaustion, and clearly understands the self-doubt that future thought-leaders experience, including their fear of the unknown. For more than two decades as an industry leader, ethical practices have led her in the direction of strong mentorship of others. Andrea believes in wellness of the mind, body, and soul, as well as the business.


Those who want to grow their business, but have fears to overcome, systems to learn and implement, and thought leadership skills to develop, will benefit from attending Purpose and Profit Group meetings as it is a dynamic and safe place to make dreams come true.


Purpose and Profit Group (ppg)

$5,000.00 - $10,000.00 is a viable monthly figure to those who are open to developing new skills, stretching and strengthening existing business paradigms.

Members meet every two weeks online via Zoom Video to set goals, hold each other accountable, be educated and share ideas and solutions with like-minded fitness professionals.

Each meeting is led by Andrea or a chosen member of her team who will guide you to fitness business success.


Members meet every other Wednesday from 12:30-3:30 pm online via Zoom Video.


Andrea's goal for you is to create the critical success habits, that will build your successful business, to give you the Time Freedom you want and the Money Freedom you desire for you and your family.


Develop success habits in four key areas:

1. Business Operations

  • Business Planning for a 6 figure income without burn out
  • Business set up for solid foundation of long term success
  • Discover your Core Values, Vision, Mission and Why and understand why this is important to your clients
  • Record Keeping and how to avoid potential law suits
  • Effective scheduling to avoid burn out and still have time for YOU and your family
  • Follow Up Systems to keep your costs low and your profit high

2. Exposure Strategies

  • Know what services to offer and what to charge
  • Know your ideal client and exactly where to find them
  • Experience proven client recruitment strategies without the high cost of Marketing
  • Follow the simple steps to client retention

3. Sales Success

  • Discover the psychology of selling – 5 steps to your success
  • Understand the difference between your clients' ‘need’ and ‘true need’
  • Personality profiling – discover why people buy, and don’t buy from you
  • Understand the power of questions – discover the critical questions to ask in order to empower your clients to choose you
  • Overcoming Objections – steps to overcome the 6 most common objections
  • The consultation process – asking for the sale with confidence

4. Money Management

  • Discover money personalities and how this affects your business success
  • Understand revenue and profit and the critical steps to long term profit in your business
  • The 7 steps to effective money management – create the time and money freedom you desire
  • Creating your sacrifice and success plan – Identify what is truly important to you and the steps to take to get there


Join us every other Wednesday from 12:30-3:30 MST online via Zoom to grow YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

  • Self growth and development
  • Business planning and development
  • Setting clear goals
  • Precision planning
  • Accountability
  • Weekly success assignments
  • Mastermind discussions
  • Mentorship in the business of personal training
  • Q & A sessions after each meeting


Start Where You Are!  Answer the following questions to help you on your path to extraordinary SUCCESS!!



6 month ppg Membership

$774 Paid in Full or $139 Paid Monthly - $834

Meetings Every 2 Weeks

1 Year ppg Membership

$1190 Paid in Full or $119 paid monthly - $1428

Meetings every 2 weeks 

 20% off registration fee to all CEC workshops for you and a guest 

Quarterly Social Events with Andrea and her team

1 Year ppg Membership + Private Coaching

$2390 paid in full or $239 paid monthly - $2868

Meetings every 2 weeks 

20% off registration fee to all CEC workshops for you and a guest 

Quarterly Social Events with Andrea and her team 

6 private coaching sessions with Andrea  


Begin working with western canada's #1 pro trainer today and turn your passion into profit with a career in personal training!