The biggest challenge for most fitness professionals is they do not have the skills or systems to assist them in growing a strong clientele base leading to a profitable business. Most start off as being extremely good at fitness and programming, yet, they never seem to get to the financial place they want to be.

Andrea’s Purpose and Profit Group is designed for you, the fitness professional. To grow your business, Andrea and her team will keep you accountable and focused on you, on helping others, in order to lead you to your success and ensure that you and your business are growing on a weekly basis.

If you want a more successful fitness business, and are not yet where you want to be, then you have come to the right place! Stay open and commit to taking action with the Purpose and Profit Group and you will see dramatic changes in you and your business.


Meet Andrea Thatcher - western Canada's #1 PRO Trainer

She has helped THOUSANDS of people discover and thrive at a authentic career in fitness

Andrea Thatcher



Have you ever had self doubt or fear of the unknown?

Andrea is a fitness professional herself, and she understands the needs and challenges that come with the role you are in. Andrea and her team are committed to assisting you to grow into your fullest potential and grow your fitness business.

For years Andrea has coached fitness professionals, and the Purpose and Profit Group is designed to give you a safe place to face your fears, learn and implement proven systems, increase your skills and grow you and your business.



·       Provide fitness education that is action oriented, giving you the tools to implement immediately into your fitness business

·       Provide a learning environment that caters to your specific needs

·       Purpose and Profit Groups consist of like minded fitness professionals

·       The Purpose and Profit Group willlead you out of your comfort zone and provide a proven path to offer you a new perspective on your biggest opportunities and challenges

·       Our focus is on growing YOU, your client base, your business, your income and your profit

·       Purpose and Profit Group meetings sets and reviews your goals, and keeps you accountable


Take Your Fitness Business To the Next Level