Step 1: Review CPR & AED Training Details

canfitpro is excited to partner with Rescue 7 Inc. to offer CPR and AED training. The purpose of this training is to leave you feeling secure enough to react quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

The chances are quite good that in your lifetime you will be involved in a situation which will require familiarity with CPR and AED. Our training is designed to be user friendly so that all people, regardless of ability, will gain the confidence necessary to act effectively until trained emergency personnel arrive at the scene.

The reality of an emergency situation is that seconds count. Congratulate yourself that you have decided to become part of a growing number of people who are going to use these precious seconds to make a difference!

CPR & AED courses are accessible, affordable and attainable, designed to provide members of the public with the knowledge and technique that is needed to properly perform CPR in any unforeseen emergency.

Courses are based on accepted international standards and will teach you how to react in an emergency situation; whether it is for work-related purposes or other unforeseen personal emergencies. The CPR & AED courses were developed in accordance with recommendations from International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Consensus on Science.

CANADA: Approved and Recognized by Provincial Regulators and Agencies, Health Canada, Transport Canada, Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Sign up for a course and learn the skills to save a life! 

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Step 3: Fill Out And Submit Registration From

Once you know the course date and location you would like to take you can click below and register through the canfitpro site, or download a registration form and send it in via fax, email, or paper mail, or contact canfitpro’s Customer Relations Team at 1.800.667.5622.