In One End and Out The Other

A Straightforward Guide for Every Day Nutrition
Written by Andrea Thatcher, C.H.N.


You put food in one end and it comes out the other. Seems pretty straight forward.

But have you ever wondered how the food you eat affects your body and your health?


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This book is about your health, and what it truly takes be healthy with natural nutrition. Andrea has listed the most common questions she’s been asked over the years and answers them here from a Holistic Nutritionist’s point of view.

She’s answered your questions about effective weight loss, reading food labels, eating and exercise, understanding calories, the effects of sugar, and she helps you understand the basics of foods and nutrients. Andrea gives you simple steps you can implement into your life today to improve your energy, assist with your weight goals and improve your overall health.

This book is about what matters, and what works—the basics; the way we were designed to live. No fluff, no lose 30 pounds in 30 days promises, no magic. Just the basics—Simple.
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Practical Anatomy and Movement




Kindle Version – $6.99 USD

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A Guide for Personal Trainers
Written by Andrea Thatcher

This comprehensive, illustrated 251 page workbook provides a clear, and easy to understand approach to anatomy as it applies to Personal Trainers.

  • An in-depth overview of anatomical terms
  • Detailed reference charts including joint actions and working muscles
  • Clear illustrations of commonly exercised muscles
  • A guide to the insertions and origins of major muscle groups
  • Suggestions for single and multi-joint exercises
  • A comprehensive stretching pictorial

Each volume also contains a Study Guide Section to ensure maximum retention of Muscular Anatomy—ensuring success in the practical application of Muscular Anatomy in everyday Personal Training.