You are BeautyFull!

Today’s message is from my friend and colleague, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Erick Soza. Erick is the founder of BeautyFull Assets in Calgary.

"I get asked all the time about BeautyFull Assets and what inspired me to help others through fitness and nutrition. It is my mission to help YOU see how BEAUTYFULL you are.

A number of years ago I was deeply in love with the most beautiful woman. I was sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Not only was she beautiful, we shared so much together. We trained hard in the gym together, and enjoyed the simple things of day to day living together. We had the most amazing relationship and felt truly and deeply in love.

She wanted to experience her first ABBA fitness competition. She began training and prepping for this, and neither one of us were prepared for the emotional, physical, and psychological damage that can happen during prep for the stage.

You see, competing is not always a healthy process. It requires a lot of sacrifice. A calorie deficit. Hard and consistent training. Time in the gym. And time for meal prep. Not to mention the financial investment.

We began fighting. The mood swings that she experienced that were caused from the calorie deficit diet, would trigger me into bad moods too. We began fighting about everything. We started to hate each other and avoid each other. Her hormones changed with this deficit diet and she no longer had any desire to be intimate with me. We eventually got to the point of no return.  There was a time in my life where she was my support, my friend, my all. How did everything change? 

Even after her competition, we never recovered.

We no longer cared. We stopped working together as a team. There was no US. We broke off our relationship and went our separate ways.

I hear so often now from fitness competitors that this is a common occurrence. Many women unknowingly sacrifice many aspects of their life to be on the stage. To experience the lean body, the abs, the muscular shape, the lights, the fame, and the glory of winning. I’m not sure all women understand the sacrifices that must be made to get to the stage. I’ve heard of many losing their relationships, friendships, and even careers. Many become eating disordered and are never happy with their body.

This was a wake up call for me and what would undoubtedly propel me to succeed in my career as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I believe we are ALL born BeautyFull and we do not need to step on stage to be judged by people we don't know to validate our true beauty. I know we all desire to be accepted and loved but you won't find it on there. Hell, I love you and I don't even know you. You ARE good enough. You're perfect. You've already got it all and I hope one day you can see that too. Save yourself and save your health. Radical diets don't work in the long run. Instant gratification will only serve you in that moment, and trying to bounce back from all that damage will prove to be a far more difficult challenge than you know. Let's get educated and grow together towards a wholesome understanding of food and what it actually takes to succeed long term. You will look good and feel even better. Take care of your mind, body, and soul and work towards longevity to better yourself and those around you too.

I invite you to hear me speak along side Andrea Thatcher at Never Diet Again and learn how you CAN eat your way to the body you desire. You ARE BeautyFull, and we want to share with you."

May 9, from 6:30-8:30 pm at The Clarion Hotel. 2120 16th Ave NE in Calgary.

Visit for more information or to register.

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