Weight Loss – It’s Not Rocket Surgery!

Weight Loss – It’s Not Rocket Surgery.


I’ve heard of just about every weight loss plan imaginable.  Billions of dollars every year are spent by those seeking to lose weight. Clearly, if these programs, pills, lotions, potions, shakes, bars, plans, ingredients etc worked, we wouldn’t have 67% of Canadians considered overweight or obese, nor would we have 31% of Canadian Children considered overweight or obese.


To me, it’s not Rocket Surgery. There are really two main methods of weight loss on the market today:


Diets that starve the weight off


Exercise that burns the fat off


Clearly, neither approach is working.  In an attempt to lose weight ‘faster’ many will combine starvation diets with exercise routines that are WAY outside their current fitness level which will lead to injury and inevitably, failure. Starvation only lasts for so long. All Anorexics will either a) die or b) binge. Once again, starvation diets will lead to failure.


So, what if we as a society approached weight loss differently? What if we looked at what caused the weight gain to begin with? What if we reviewed lifestyle habits that led to the weight gain, instead of trying to maintain the lifestyle that caused the weight gain, and seek a ‘quick fix’ from a starvation diet plan or a miracle new way to work out?


Consider this...


Fat Cells hold toxins.


Yup, if you are carrying extra fat, then you are toxic.


Wouldn’t a simpler approach be to remove the toxins?


So let’s review where do toxins come from? Here’s a few:


1. Tap Water – filled with toxins like fluoride and/or chlorine

2. Cleaning supplies – filled with toxic chemicals you breathe in and absorb through your skin

3. Air pollution – filled with toxins you breathe in and absorb through your skin

4. Food (or what I’d call Food Like Substances) – fast food, processed food, Genetically modified food, refined food are all toxic to your body

5. Medications – toxic to your liver, kidneys and/or lungs

6. Microwaves – in addition to the toxic radiation, microwaves render food virtually a non-food

7. Alcohol/caffeine – poison to the body

8. Body/face soaps and lotions – chemicals being absorbed by the body

9. Smoking – we all know this one is harmful!

10. Stress – emotional, money, physical, dietary stress all affect the body negatively


Where to start?


Start with one thing at a time and gradually eliminate it from your life. For example, try one change each week, or each month and maintain the change as you start your next change.


Start with #1 - tap water. Eliminate all tap water from your life by investing in a whole house filtration system, or by buying large bottles of water to drink and a filter on your shower. This way you are not drinking or cooking with tap water, nor are you absorbing tab water through your skin when you shower.


Then, eliminate ALL chemical in your house used for cleaning. There are many non chemical cleaning options available. For example, I refuse to use any chemicals in my house. I use water and microfiber to clean my counters and floors. I use enzymes to clean my bathroom toilets and shower. I use ground marble in a paste to scrub. All chemical free!


Now, unplug all your air fresheners, get rid of all the sprays you use to make the air fresh, and ditch those pretty smelling candles. Instead, use essential oils, and beeswax candles.  If you have a really bad smell in your house, try boiling vinegar in a pot at watch how the smell is gone!


When you go shopping for food, shop in the organics section. Certified Organic food cannot be irradiated, or be Genetically modified, or be grown with chemical fertilizers, or growth hormones, or be sprayed with chemicals. They are often grown in more humane environments and are certainly a healthier choice.


Visit with a Naturopathic Doctor to discuss your current medication and a more natural approach to your wellbeing. Often with healthier choices, the need for medication is eliminated.  Even common medications like birth control will wreak havoc on your health and weight loss goals. Healthier alternatives are available.


Replace your microwave with a convection toaster oven. Instead of taking 2 minutes to ‘zap’ your food and turn it into a food like substance, the oven will heat your food in 10 minutes without the harmful effects of microwaves.


Reduce or eliminate alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol is not only high in sugar, it is a depressant. Caffeine acts as an accelerant. Both lead to hormone disruption and will impede your weight loss efforts.


The chemicals in body and face creams are endless! Consider a healthier skin care option like Extra Virgin Certified OrganicCoconut Oil. It acts as a fantastic body lotion, leaving your skin soft, supple, and healthy! (your pets will follow you around as you smell delicious!)


Smoking – I learned a long time ago to never discuss quitting smoking with anyone until they asked. So, enough said for now... You smokers already know. I don’t need to tell you.


Stress is THE BIGGEST REASON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS ISN’T HAPPENING!!!! Manage stress on your body, and it will balance and find your healthiest weight with no effort on your part. Stress comes in a variety of forms.


Emotional stress (example: worrying about money)


Physical Stress (example: exercising too much too soon in your desire to lose weight faster)


 Toxic stress (example: see above)


Food stress (example: eating crappy, food like substances)


Take steps today to balance your life, remove toxins and balance your stress and watch the weight fall off of you. No fancy diet, no starvation, no crazy exercise routines.


It really is simple. It’s just not easy.


When you decide to take care of your body, I assure you it will take care of you.


Please, leave your thoughts, comments and questions below...




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