Upgrade Your Day!


Simple Shifts and Upgrades allow you to take immediate action toward having the body and life you desire.


Totally doable, without any pain or fuss, they are exactly what their name states: SIMPLE SHIFTS or UPGRADES. When you combine a couple of these actions with a mindset of an 80/20 balance, you will be well on your way to success.


Let’s review a few Simple Shifts and Upgrades:


  • Upgrade cow’s milk; replace with almond, rice, or coconut milk.


  • Increase your water intake by one glass of water each day.


  • Shift from a canned food you regularly consume to a fresh option.


  • Upgrade to raw honey or pure maple syrup as your sweetener.


  • Shift to sprouted grain bread (as it doesn’t contain flour).


A few days after you’ve implemented some shifts and upgrades, check in with yourself to see life has changed in any devastating way.


You’re likely to find there’s barely a noticeable change in ‘convenience’. Another bonus is that you’ll feel you’re taking positive action. No guilt, no shame, and you don’t want to rebel, right? That’s because you’re not being held to a rigid plan.


Once you’ve shifted and upgraded, do a little math.


There’s something pretty wonderful about the number one-hundred. We love seeing it as a score on a test.


Begin picturing enjoying life and food 100 percent of the time, then start to imagine how it would be if you enjoyed everything you put into your mouth.


Yes, every mouthful. There is simply no reason to swallow guilt with comfort food.


What this means for you getting the body and life you desire:


Eating 4 times a day, 7 days a week, equals 28 meals. Of those 28 meals, choose to eat wholesome, natural foods for 80% of those occasions, and eat whatever you like—wings and beer after hockey games, s’mores around the campfire, a glass of Merlot with friends, 20% of those times.


What you’ll find is that you’re 100 percent satisfied because you’ll be feeding your emotional appetite and eating for health.  


Once you begin eating this way, your body—inherently designed to enjoy natural foods—will actually ask you to alter some of your choices to ‘natural’ foods—yes, you can and will alter the chemistry in your body,


I invite you to release the idea of 'dieting' and embrace the idea of Simple Shifts, and Upgrading your day. Work toward eating for your physical health 80% of the time and eating for your social and spiritual self 20% of the time, allowing you to enjoy ALL foods 100% of the time. It's simple. 


You are hardwired to eat natural foods; you’ve just been running on corrupted software. My plan to Never Diet Again is like an antivirus for your system.

Andrea ThatcherComment