No One Like a Cheater

No one likes a cheater.

Why then, do we set ourselves up with a diet only to become unfaithful? How many times will we burden ourselves with this ridiculous arrangement—a sort of blind date—in which we enter into a destructive relationship with food?

It’s inevitable that when we catch ourselves cheating we take on more guilt—hate ourselves a little more. And then a little more. And then a whole lot more.

What results is a mass of self-loathing—that, and we’re no closer to wellness.

Multiple times with multiple diets set up a whole lot of self-hate.

Face it: if diets worked, we wouldn’t still be hearing about new diets!


We all deserve to feel FABULOUS about ourselves. We certainly don't deserve to be defined by making choices that are hardwired into our bodies.

Yes, we’re all programmed for survival—we all have to eat.

I want you to never call yourself cheater again. I want you to NEVER DIET AGAIN.

And I want to do that by offering you support in changing the way you approach the stories you tell yourself about food. I want those messages to be ones of permission instead of denial.

I'll be in Calgary on May 9th. From 6:30 to 8:30 pm, I’ll present a program along with Personal Trainer Erick Soza, to help you understand the constant struggle of ‘dieting’ and demonstrate an alternative way of thinking in order to feel good about yourself.

We'll share with you a way to replace the diet and guilt cycle with a concept that is more respectful—in a way that makes you feel great about yourself.

It’s not complicated and takes a short time to master. I’ve been sharing this knowledge for two decades and have seen thousands of men and women tune into the natural way of engaging intuition and become experts of their own DNA after just a couple of hours of my presenting these principles.

Imagine, after only a two hour presentation that the next day could be the start of a guilt free lifestyle and the first day to a life of wellness.

There really is a way to feel good about food (all kinds, not just kale and the smoothies the health-gurus are choking on).

When I show you how to give yourself permission to let go of guilt forever, you’ll feel great about yourself.


Here's the link to find out more: . This is a presentation with ‘me’ speaking the way I have to thousands of others, and Erick speaking about changing our approach to eating and eating our way to wellness. And it’s our gift to you. Free —you don’t have to order my book or enroll in any plan, or buy anything.

Let’s meet on May 9th in Calgary, AB. You can find me online at

Check out to register for this free event.

Come meet us. Until then, visit the facebook page Never Diet Again. Helpful articles are posted weekly. We are for real and so are you.  Let’s connect.


Yes, the event is our gift to you. It is free. Sure, I’d love it if you ordered my book, but I do this to share my philosophy. There’s no sale or scheme involved. When you visit my website you’ll see I am an instructor, coach, healer, natural nutritionist. I love helping people change their lives. 

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