I LOVE Myself!

Your body is not your enemy and your desires are not wrong. The messages you receive from all kinds of sources have managed to sabotage your natural balance.


I want to offer you an absolutely different approach that will show you how to honor your soul and respect and focus on what you love.


I want to give you permission to trust yourself, engage with your intuition, and allow yourself to love the things that make you happy.


The only sane solution is to find a way to eat the foods we love and perform activities we enjoy, in a combination that creates a result we’re happy with.


The good news is, that is exactly how are bodies have evolved—yes, you already have the chemistry to thrive—it’s simply the ‘idea’ of being restricted that has made our bodies fight against us.


Our bodies have perfectly designed mechanisms that tell us what we should be eating, including sugars, carbs and fat, and there are simple and intuitive ways to ‘turn on’ and ‘tune into’ these messages in a way that will restore our natural balance.


My Vision For You


What would it be like to spend even a single day without restricting yourself or punishing yourself for ‘cheating’ just because you treated yourself to something you love?


What would it be like to live one week without regrets?


Visualize how it would feel for you to wake up one week from today, after eating all the things you love, and to stand in front of the mirror and see the ‘real you’ emerging.


Picture living your entire life feeling like you can make the choices you want to make without worrying about your own oppressive judgement and self-loathing?


How wonderful would it be to know that the fight is over—that you’ve been treating yourself gently, with respect, and approving the choices you’ve been making rather than burying yourself under layers of guilt and shame?


Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to fall in love with your body.


I’m Excited To Meet You


The truth is already inside you. It’s always been inside you, you’ve just been misled by a world that doesn’t want you to trust yourself.


You know that dieting doesn’t work. How about moving to the next step of ignoring the messages at every checkout stand which shouts out—magazine cover after cover—that the ‘latest diet’ will work for you?


Check out www.neverdietagain.today to register for this free event and make February 9th 2016 the first day of the rest of a life in which you love yourself.


Bring a friend and share this event with them so you can hear the truth together—a truth that we can live healthily in a state of wellness.


Send this to a good friend who you know might be one of those who’s been taken advantage of by the ‘diet’ industry.


Let’s fill the room with change.


If you can’t make it, or are not in Calgary, please stay in touch on my new Facebook page, Never Diet Again. Take a peek at my book on Amazon—and be assured it is short, loving, and sweet in all the right ways—an essential handbook, really. Click here.


I promise you this is like nothing you’ve seen before because it’s not intended as part of the billion dollar industry, but because wellness is important to our future.


I’ve said, “My mission is to awaken and enlighten individuals to their gifts by providing a space of love, empowerment, and support.” Years ago, I applied this to the toughest client ever, ‘me’, and since then I’ve shared it with thousands of others. I want to do it for you and your family and friends.


Come meet me. Visit my facebook page Never Diet Again. Helpful articles are posted weekly. I am for real and so are you.  Let’s connect.


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