I Gave Up

I am a recovered anorexic. Please, don’t stop. I’ve also lived the contrast: I've been overweight.

In my twenties I involved myself in an abusive relationship with food—a twisted and possessive association. Food was my prison. I always thought about it. How NOT to eat it. How to convince other people I DID eat it. I worked out ALL THE TIME (and rarely ate) so I could have what I believed to be a great body.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was killing myself so I could have a body of which total strangers would approve. Through my lies I destroyed connections with those closest to me so that I could be admired by people I didn’t even know.

I recovered from anorexia, but my relationship with food took another turn. In my mid 30’s food became my comfort. In an attempt to feel better during a tragic time of suicidal depression, I ate my way into a body that was 30 pounds heavier than healthy.

Imagine the contrast I created. Obviously I hadn’t dealt with the undercurrent of the relationship. I ate my way into a body I despised. I was tired, lethargic, cranky, and miserable to be around. Diagnosed with clinical depression, I suffered severe anxiety. Every day was a struggle.

And then I was gifted a book on Natural Nutrition from a work colleague with the suggestion I read it. I remember the circumstances clearly. I rocked back and forth in the fetal position and said, “Brushing my teeth is a chore. How the hell can I read a book?”

Well, I did. It transformed my life. I finally just gave up. I gave up doing the same thing over and over and seeing the same crappy results. 


I learned instead how to eat my way into great health, more energy, and a fit body. Vibrant and alive, I began living the life I desired. I immersed myself into Natural Nutrition and have had the privilege of stellar leaders—I’ve studied under Lars Gustafsson and David Wolfe. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, C.H.N. and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, H.L.C., I’ve devoted the last twelve years (and still counting) to helping others discover the vitality in themselves through Natural Nutrition.

I’ve now counselled thousands of men and women to just give up (all diets) and make better decisions to improve the quality of their lives.


Today, I’d like to give you permission to give up. I don’t mean on yourself, but on doing same thing over and over with the same miserable results. You already know the outcome you’ll get from your latest ‘diet’, whether it’s a week, month, or longer, the ‘epic fail’ will join the previous ones on your wall of shame.


It’s time to see other alternatives to ‘forbidding ourselves to eat what we love’. That mentality encourages us to force down some concoction because it’s supposed to be good for us. Away with the cardboard tasting brews!


And while I’m ranting about the ‘industry’ I’ll add that not only is it time to stop assaulting our taste buds, but to putting an end to punishing our bodies with activities we feel we MUST do.


It’s time to turn off that chorus on repeat—in our own voice, no less—that serenades us with how imperfect we are, have always been, and always will be.




If diets worked we wouldn’t continue to hear about new diets. So, NEVER DIET AGAIN.


That’s right, you read it correctly: NEVER DIET AGAIN. There’s nothing wrong with your eyes. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with the food you eat.


Surrender and let me guide you to what your soul has always known: your body is not your enemy and your desires are not wrong. The messages you receive from all kinds of sources have managed to sabotage your natural balance.


A quick overview:

  • Collectively we spend over 40 billion dollars a year on diets/products.
  • 95% of all dieters will re-gain their lost weight in 1 to 5 years.
  • The diet industry thrives on this failure rate.
  • Programs with the best intentions with scales, exercises, and calorie measuring devices do not have a process to measure the soul—where the key to our happiness (or lack of it) originates.


I want to offer you an absolutely different approach that will show you how to honor your soul and, respect and focus on what you love.


I want to give you the permission to trust yourself, engage with your intuition, and allow yourself to love the things that make you happy.


The good news is that we already have the chemistry to thrive—it’s simply the ‘idea’ of being restricted that has made our bodies fight against us.


Our bodies have perfectly designed mechanisms that tell us what we should be eating, including sugars, carbs and fat, and there are simple and intuitive ways to ‘turn on’ and ‘tune into’ these messages in a way that will restore our natural balance.


And, here’s the best news:


It’s not complicated and it only takes a short time to master. I’ve been sharing this knowledge for years and have seen thousands of men and women tune into the natural way of engaging intuition and become experts of their own DNA after just a couple of hours of my presenting these principles.


What might it feel like to finally trust and love yourself?


I invite you to embrace the wisdom of your soul and allow me to present the gift of never having to diet again.


Join us for this fun and interactive workshop as my guest. My gift to you. No registration fee. It’s free.


Check out www.neverdietagain.today to register for your free event.


I am not an industry, I’m a person. I’d love to meet you on February 9th. If you can’t make it, visit me online at AndreaThatcher.com or join our Facebook Group Never Diet Again.





Yes, the event on February 9 in Calgary is my gift to you. It is free. Sure, I’d love it if you ordered my book, but I do this to share my philosophy. There’s no sale or scheme involved. When you visit my website you’ll see I am an instructor, coach, healer, natural nutritionist. I love helping people change their lives. And so, in the spirit of wellness and giving, I am going to offer a draw prize ticket to each person who attends the event—a thank you for showing up.

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