Does milk really do the body good?

Milk! “It does your body good!”


I just saw an ad for chocolate milk, suggesting that it’s a great post-workout snack.



The reality of it:


Chocolate milk is NOT a great post-workout snack. The sugar in it suppresses your immune system, and the milk is toxic poison to your body.


Want to improve your health? Then eliminate ALL forms of dairy. Including the wonderfully advertised chocolate milk.


Yes, I said it. And I mean it.


All forms: chocolate milk, whole milk, homo milk, 2% milk, 1% milk, skim milk, all forms of cheese, cottage cheese, butter, and all yogurt.  Notably, cow’s milk is linked to diarrhea, cramps, bloating, gas, skin rashes, ear infections in children, and acne - to name just a few.  It’s also one of the most common food allergies in Canada.


Unless you are consuming raw, organic dairy, then I say DON’T CONSUME IT! There are no health benefits to consuming processed and pasteurized dairy.  It becomes a toxic substance to your body, and toxins lead to weight gain, as fat cells store toxins.


All dairy in Canada must be pasteurized. Pasteurized dairy is heated to kill any harmful bacteria. The catch? This heating process also kills the necessary enzymes and destroys healthy vitamins and amino acids.


Another problem with dairy is that it comes from commercially farmed cows. Commercially farmed dairy cows are often injected with a growth hormone to ensure the cow produces more milk.  Not only is this a hormone that leads to a myriad of problems for humans (and the cow), but it also increases the likelihood that the cow will develop an infection, which will require antibiotics.  And those are the antibiotics you’re going to drink.  Remember, a dairy product can only be as good as what it’s made from.  Unhealthy cow = unhealthy product.


Not sure if I’m full of crap here? Try it. For two weeks. NO DAIRY. If you feel better, then listen to your body and stay off the dairy!


Remember, your body doesn’t lie. Ever. I mean, has your body ever told you it had to pee when in reality it had to sneeze? No, because your body has no sense of humour. It tells you everything you need to know. Just listen...


If you consume dairy and feel like crap afterwards, then your body is telling you not to eat dairy. By “crap” I mean bloated, gassy, farty, phlegm-y, itchy (through the ears, eyes and bum), tired, fatigued, lethargic, constipated, cranky or foggy in the brain.


Worried about calcium? I can’t blame you, really. The media and dairy industry have successfully convinced most of society that we actually get calcium from dairy. Not so true folks.


According to Dr. Mercola, there is serious doubt about the calcium in pasteurized milk, as the process renders much of the calcium insoluble. (In addition, the pasteurization process also destroys part of the vitamin C and encourages growth of harmful bacteria. Dairy products from cows treated with growth hormone could also increase risk of cancer. )


You can get your calcium from the following healthier choices:


·       Unprocessed Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt

·       Green Leafy Veggies

·       Sesame seeds

·       Almonds (hint: make your own almond milk!)

·       Salmon (wild, not farmed)

·       Sardines

·       Soups made with broth from bones


If you’ve still got a craving for cow juice, then go ahead and enjoy a chocolate milk every once in a while.  But now that you know it’s not an ideal food choice, limit it to the 20% of your choices that you don’t scrutinize.  Your “freebies”, if you will.   


Andrea ThatcherComment