Are You a Warrior or a Wizard?

Be Both a Warrior AND a Wizard!!

Welcome to 2017!  

I personally struggled throughout 2016 and am happy to say I made it through and am excited for a new year. I intend for 2017 to by my best year yet, filled with love, joy, happiness, fun, and lots of growth and togetherness.

Years ago I learned from my coach and mentor all about living as a Warrior and living as a Wizard. As this is my focus for 2017 I'd like to share with you and invite you to share your Wizard and Warrior this year. 


Warriors and Wizards are active, and they stand up for what they believe in. Their ability to make things happen is magical and much like a Wizard might conjure a spell.
What this translates into is a practice of being bold, and boldness creates confidence. To discover and bring out your inner Warrior and Wizard I'll suggest that you each day you:

(Warrior) Do one thing that scares you, and
(Wizard) Perform one Random Act of Kindness (RAK).

Yes be a Warrior and a Wizard every day! One thing that scares you, and one random act of kindness. On purpose. Each and every day!

Finding your Warrior and Wizard

Living in Gratitude makes it easy for you to feel into your own abundance and share this abundance with others in a random act of kindness. (Wizard). 

Living in Celebration makes it easy for you to feel into your own strength and boldness, leading to doing one thing each day that scares you (Warrior).

Here's what I'll suggest:

Create a morning routine where you write down at least 5 things for which you’re grateful for, then speak them aloud—I am grateful for this pillow, for the breakfast I premade, for my car, for my running shoes with great arch supports, for the barista who always has a smile on her face—start each day with this gratitude exercise.

And, likewise, before bed, create your list of your successes of the day (so that you can marinate in and celebrate those achievements as you sleep). For example: today, I went to that meeting and presented my concept without wavering; this morning I ate breakfast and prepared tomorrow’s; holy crap, I finished another chapter in The Four Agreements; and I’m so proud of myself for calling that potential client (note to self: the pondering on it was much more stressful than the call)…

The results of over 40 serious studies on gratitude produced the following results:

Writing in a gratitude journal for five minutes a day can increase your long-term well-being. When you are well, you are available to take that wellness to help others and improve the quality of your own life. 

Gratitude combined with celebration deepens our relationships, creates new ones, and brings a higher level of trust to personal and work life. Gratitude and celebration in relation to your career translates into being a more effective leader. Your enhanced decision making capabilities will help you connect with mentors, apprentices, and clients.

Take a look at the chain-reaction to gratitude, random acts of kindness and celebration:

  • Expressing gratitude and performing acts of kindness improves your sleep.
  • Improved sleep creates better health.
  • Better health keeps the doctor away.
  • Better health promotes longevity.
  • Better health means your immune system is improved.
  • Gratitude generates optimism.
  • Celebration generates joy.
  • Happier people live longer.

Full circle, happier people demonstrate gratitude and perform acts of kindness.

Appreciation and acts of kindness are related to reducing materialism, which, in turn brings about a level of peace and stabilizes mental health.

An attitude of gratitude and celebration increases self-esteem. Picture a scenario in which no one helps you. And another where everyone helps. Which one will increase your confidence and give you that 'I can do anything' feeling to move forward into completing at least one thing that scares you? Which one produces a Warrior and which one produces the Worrier?

Gratitude and celebration will improve your leadership and management skills. We can often be quick to criticize others. Sometimes we are on the lookout for mistakes (in ourselves as well) and while there is always room for constructive critique - when it has been asked for- uninvited criticism does not serve any motivational purpose. However, sincere praise is a much more powerful influencer. The happier your are the more you will use positive feedback and solution-oriented processes for yourself and others, rather than criticism and complaints. 

Random acts of kindness can be said to be an extension of gratitude and celebration. It can feel a little scary when you first buy a coffee for the person behind you. Even more nerve-wracking when you are not anonymous and purchase one for someone in plain sight. Lean into that nervousness. It can be a little frightening to approach a stranger to tell them the colour of their coat is a magnificent match to their amazing red hair. It can be downright scary to intervene, seemingly out of the blue, and assist a stranger with an ‘I’ve got your back’. It’s all part of dealing with a part of ourselves that we’re not used to, a part of ourselves we might not have ever truly met.

There is a Warrior and Wizard inside each of us.   

When we do something outstanding, and make something happen, it can feel like magic. Trust your inner Warrior and that Wizard inside you. And CELEBRATE your successes!!!
Here's to an enchanting and magical 2017 for you...

Andrea ThatcherComment